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Driving is a lifeline and traffic tickets are costly.  Many people, especially teenagers, sign the back of the ticket, pay the fine and think that is the end of it.  That’s true for a parking ticket but not for speeding or other violations.  Points, loss of license, Insurance surcharges and worse can be the result.  Don’t risk even a speeding ticket by going to court alone

The law regarding driving offenses in NJ is tough.  Title 39 gives Municipal Courts, where traffic tickets are handled, a lot of discretion.  It is hard to believe but in NJ Judges can actually order jail time for excessive or egregious speeders.  State Police statistics showed that troopers patrolling the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway wrote 11,835 speeding tickets for 2014 (up to October).  Many of those tickets resulted in insurance surcharges (typically at least $300 over a period of three years)

The penalties for driving without insurance are even worse.   A first time offense is $300 to $1000, and a loss of your license for 1 year plus a surcharge.  No matter what the ticket, most people are concerned about points, license suspension and insurance surcharges.  Keep in mind if you have too many points on your driver’s license, you face automatic suspension.  Fines and traffic school will cost you time and money.   It is simply not worth loosing your lifeline.  I am experienced in fighting traffic tickets and handle them aggressively to have them dismissed or downgraded.   Please call for a free consultation.